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  • Cookie & Vendor consent (GDPR & Trust)
  • Real-time chat
  • Exit intends
  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • Scans

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How It Works


Create a Widget

Create and customize the widget for your needs.


We'll scan your website

We'll do the heavy lifting automatically, so you don't have to.

.. and you're done!

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Copy & Paste the Code

Paste the code into your website before body tag.

Why do we need it?

Every website that can be accessed by EU users has to comply with GDPR regulation. One of its main rules is specific regulation of how we use web cookies. Our widget utilizes GDPR rules about cookies & vendors:

  • Use Prior (Opt In) consent
  • Renewal of consent (every 6 months)
  • Consent must be recorded as evidence
  • Consent should be easily withdrawed (or changed)
  • Cookies used as online identifiers should be blocked on the start
  • Consent must be given prior transferring user data or personal information to 3rd parties
User's Settings

User's Settings

It's good practice to let users control their own data, cookie settings and see vendors used on a website. Transparency builds trust.

Analyze data

Analyze data

Our widgets collect data and try to convert users. This data is available to you in your user dashboard. We track impressions, unique impressions, widget interactions, cookie accept & decline clicks, number of emails, feedbacks and chats.



Automate scanning and reporting and be on top of everything without lifting a finger. If anything changes on your website, we'll let you know.

Cookie management

Let users control their cookie settings.

Recorded consents

We save all user responses to your account.


Show widget on any screen, platform or browser.

Exit intent

Show exit intent with either email, newsletter or chat form.

Real-time Chat

Chat with your users directly from the widget.

Show only in EU

Show cookie window only to Europeans.


Unobtrusively catch email, feedback or start a chat.

Build trust

Transparency helps to build trust with your users.


We have build Consent Assist widget on top of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to give web professionals a tool that seamlessly integrates cookie settings, follows new regulations and helps to maximize transparency and builds trust.

We've also added features like newsletter and feedback forms and integrated a realtime chat, because you should never stop converting.

Real-time Chat

[NEW] Optionally add a real-time chat to your widget.

Chat options include:

  • Add more team mates
  • Select your chat name
  • Customize automatic responses
  • Email notifications on a new chat
  • Save user information to your email database

Powerful Dashboard
with advanced functions


See graph data from widgets and analyze how they perform and change accordingly.

Email reports

Receive scheduled email reports with all performance data, updates and changes.

Automatic scans

Schedule automatic website scans and let us do the heavy lifting.

Export or Integrate

Export the data or integrate gathered data with other services like Mailchimp.

Consent Assist Stats

Consent Assist Stats

A few of our milestones.


Widget actions


Widget installs




Happy clients

Select Your Plan

Select Your Plan

Resources are chats, emails and feedbacks and reset on a monthly basis. All plans include future updates, widget customisations and analytics.

Free plan
Hobby websites
∞ Widgets
10k Impressions
0 collaborators per widget
Monthly scan up to 10 pages
30 Resources
No Exit Intends

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Basic plan
Perfect for small website owners.
∞ Widgets
100k Impressions
0 collaborators per widget
Monthly scan up to 1k pages
500 Resources
Exit Intends: Emails

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Advanced plan
More resources and features.
∞ Widgets
500k Impressions
1 collaborator per widget
Weekly scan up to 3k pages
3000 Resources
Exit Intends: Chat, Emails
No Watermarks

Sign up

Agency plan
Everything an agency needs.
∞ Widgets
3M Impressions
5 collaborators per widget
Weekly scan up to 10k pages
∞ Resources
Exit Intends: Chat, Emails, Offer
No Watermarks

Sign up

 All resources are commulative (all widgets together) and reset monthly.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions that frequently pop up in our inbox. Feel free to ask us anything.

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